Roundtable on gender diversity in law with Burford’s senior women

In honor of International Women’s Day, we sat down with a handful of Burford’s senior women to discuss gender diversity in the legal industry.


Expert Q&A on Bankruptcy Litigation Financing

Bankruptcy professionals strive to achieve recoveries for estate creditors, but many are unfamiliar with how legal finance can help. Burford’s Emily Slater answers the most common questions about bankruptcy litigation financing in an interview with Practical Law.


Business and legal finance: Responding to the Chamber’s letter to the Rules Committee

On January 31, the Chair of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform sent a letter to the Advisory Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure advocating for a change to the federal rules concerning disclosure of litigation finance.


5 minutes with… Quentin Pak

Burford Director Quentin Pak answers a series of questions on litigation finance in Asia, and Burford’s tremendous opportunity for growth in the region.


Another federal court rejects discovery into litigation funding

Continuing a nationwide trend, the Northern District of California rejected a discovery request into the plaintiff’s litigation funding arrangements, concluding that discovery of such arrangements is “not relevant”.


Comments on the proposed amendments to the ICSID rules

Burford Capital is pleased to present comments on the comprehensive proposals for rule amendments released by the ICSID Secretariat on 2 August 2018.


Legal finance trends: Research reveals what to expect in 2019

Looking ahead to 2019, we draw on our most recent Litigation Finance Survey to share key insights and help predict how we think legal finance will change in the coming year.


5 minutes with… Monique Cronin

Vice President Monique Cronin answers a series of questions on litigation finance in Australia and Burford’s tremendous opportunity for growth there.


Roundtable on women and the business of law (Part V)

Burford is pleased to share excerpts from interviews with some of our Equity Project Champions. In the fifth and final post, the Champions discuss what the legal industry will look like for women in 2028.

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