Intellectual property

Financing plaintiffs and defendants with meritorious positions in IP litigation matters

What we do

After investing millions, or even billions, developing intellectual property, many companies, universities and other entities face the challenge of justifying spending still more to protect it through enforcement or litigation. Litigation finance offers an alternative that enables companies to maximise their profits and minimise their expenses.

Burford offers financing against the underlying asset value of a pending intellectual property claim, unlocking capital that can be used to pursue litigation or reinvest back into the business. For legal departments with tight budgets, litigation finance helps ensure that the company is able to protect its intellectual property without worrying about the negative impact of litigation on earnings and profits.

For law firms with significant intellectual property practices, Burford provides financing that helps shift risk from the firm and frees up capital that can be used to pursue new business.

  • Non-recourse financing for IP portfolios or single patent cases
  • Move litigation costs off corporate balance sheets
  • Shift litigation risk from client or firm to a third party

How we’re different

With an in-house team of experts in patent and intellectual property litigation, we have the expertise to assess cases quickly and efficiently. And because we have our own permanent capital readily available, we are able to provide clients and firms with the financing they need—when they need it.


Veterans of the world’s top law firms, Burford’s team combines knowledge and experience in law with the financial savvy to consistently innovate new financing options for clients and law firms.

Quentin Pak


Katharine Wolanyk

Managing Director

Matt Lee


Emily Hostage

Vice President


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