Podcast: Burford VP discusses legal finance on Reinventing Professionals

Burford Vice President Emily Hostage joins Ari Kaplan to discuss the basics of legal finance.


Legal finance: An innovative financing solution favored by big business

Is legal finance used only by cash-constrained claimants in David versus Goliath-style legal disputes? Do companies with plenty of their own capital always pay for their own litigation instead of financing it? The simple answer is no.


5 minutes with… Katharine Wolanyk

Burford Managing Director and long-running IAM Strategy 300 award-winner Katharine Wolanyk discusses key developments facing patent litigators in the coming years.


Equity Project Q&A: Nicole D. Galli

Equity Project Champion Nicole D. Galli shares her perspective on the gender gap in law and discusses the role The Equity Project can play by providing an economic incentive for change.


5 minutes with… Matt Lee

Burford’s Sydney-based Principal shares why he joined the legal finance industry and discusses the biggest legal trends in Australia.


Legal finance: “Recession protection” for legal departments

As finance professionals and in-house and law firm lawyers work together to develop innovative solutions to recession-proof the legal department, legal finance is an obvious solution.


Q&A with Paul Reidy: Legal finance in Australia

We sat down with partner at leading independent Australian firm Johnson Winter & Slattery—Paul Reidy—to discuss the evolving landscape of the legal finance industry in Australia.


London arbitration roundtable: Part II

Leading lawyers and arbitrators discuss the role finance can play in mitigating the rising cost of international arbitration—and how initiatives like The Equity Project can help close the gender gap.


London arbitration roundtable: Part I

In honor of London International Disputes Week, leading lawyers and arbitrators to discuss London’s evolution as an arbitral center—and how it stacks up against other centers around the world.

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