Webcast: Breaking CFO research—2019 Managing Legal Risk Report

In an hour-long webcast hosted by ALM, Burford Managing Director Greg McPolin—who joined Burford from the Kenyon Group—and Vice President Rufus Caine III, formerly at Axiom law, highlighted key insights from the 2019 Managing Legal Risk Report: A Survey of CFOs and Finance Professionals.

Every year since 2012 Burford has made an investment in studying the degree to which in-house legal departments and law firms know about, understand and use litigation finance. This year we expanded this to consider the problem of managing legal cost and risk and its possible solutions by going beyond the legal department. During the webcast, the pair reveal breaking, in-depth insights from the 2019 Managing Legal Risk Report—a first-of-its-kind research whitepaper, giving a rare glimpse into CFO perceptions of legal risk management at companies large and small.

By watching the webcast you’ll learn:

  • How finance professionals perceive, rank and assess legal risk management challenges.
  • What finance professionals expect from legal teams.
  • How finance professionals perceive legal risk management tools like legal finance.

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