Legal finance for CFOs

CFOs can add value to the enterprise by collaborating with legal to unlock the asset value of pending legal claims, judgments and awards—turning them into a source of working capital rather than a drain on corporate resources. As they do so, legal finance is an essential tool to enhance liquidity and reduce risk.

Accelerating Fortune 100 company’s claim value for immediate working capital

Learn how a $75 million advance from Burford reduced a US-based Fortune 100 company’s opportunity cost and increased its liquidity and growth trajectory.

4 Finance solutions for GCs and CFOs

A five-minute read answering the common question: “Which legal finance solution solves my business need?”

Maximizing litigation recoveries

Learn how recovery programs can be a cash-generating tool by which legal departments can add quantifiable value to their organization and offset other unavoidable legal costs—sometimes dramatically so.

Schedule an introduction to legal finance

We welcome opportunities to introduce corporate legal and finance teams to core legal finance concepts and opportunities. Please email or call us directly to learn more about how Burford can help.

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Greg McPolin

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