Capital and expertise to maximize return from litigation assets

What we do

Litigation poses a unique challenge for bankruptcy estates. Unlike tangible assets like office furniture and real estate, legal claims can be difficult to value and require investment to pursue. As a result, potentially valuable causes of action are often not pursued at all—or else they’re settled for a value below the amount that could be realized with proper resources. But neither of these outcomes maximizes value for stakeholders of the bankrupt estate.

Burford is active all over the world in providing financial solutions in bankruptcies. We provide financing to estates, assist in litigation management and pursue recoveries. Our solutions include bespoke, innovative arrangements such as the purchase of an interest in the right to receive litigation recoveries from a $213 million judgment on appeal, arranged by MagCorp’s bankruptcy trustee and attorney.

In addition to our wide-ranging and truly global insolvency practice, which is a major area of Burford focus and expertise, we also have a unique US offering. Bankruptcy Litigation Funding LLC is a joint venture between Burford Capital and Chilmark Partners to provide third party capital to litigation trusts, while also acting as the administrator or manager of pools of such claims.

  • Pending claims used to obtain financing for litigation trusts
  • Non-recourse investment with return tied to outcome
  • Accelerate payment and maximize value for estate creditors
  • Manage litigation trust, identifying high-value claims and selecting lawyers

How we’re different

We run a global insolvency financing practice that contributes both capital and multi jurisdictional expertise. We have been asked to be involved in some of the largest insolvencies of the past decade and are presently engaged in many billions of dollars of claim value.


Our specialist team combines legal and financial professionals with deep bankruptcy expertise. Our people have been insolvency lawyers, investment bankers, financial analysts and distressed debt investors. When US trusts are involved, Bankruptcy Litigation Funding joins Burford’s world-leading experience and success in litigation finance with Chilmark’s 30-years of experience as a restructuring advisor to bring unparalleled experience and understanding to funding litigation in the bankruptcy space.

Emily Slater

Managing Director

John Lazar


Michael Redman



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