International arbitration

The world’s most experienced team in financing international arbitration

What we do

Third-party financing of international commercial arbitration is—according to one of the world’s largest and most respected global law firms—“here to stay, and not just for small or cash-strapped claimants.”

Undoubtedly, the cost and uncertainty of treaty and commercial arbitration mean that some clients finance claims as a matter of necessity. But increasingly, clients pursue arbitration finance as a matter of choice, because shifting cost and risk off balance sheets and unlocking the asset value of arbitration claims simply makes better business sense. It is particularly powerful on a portfolio basis, which allows for both claimant and respondent solutions and lower finance costs.

Law firms with active international arbitration practices are also increasingly making finance a part of their pitches—because financing makes them more competitive in pursuing client business, either on a single case or portfolio basis.

  • Arbitration claims used to obtain financing for client or law firm
  • Non-recourse investment with return tied to outcome
  • Financing provided on a single-case or portfolio basis
  • Satisfies client need for alternative fee arrangements
  • Unlocks asset value of pending claims, providing capital to client or firm
  • Helps law firms expand arbitration practice on a competitive basis while managing risk and cash flow
  • Accelerates payment of awards

What makes us unique

Burford has built the world’s most experienced team in financing international arbitration, with a portfolio of innovative solutions for clients and law firms, claimants and respondents, engaged in international arbitration. We’ve financed some of the most high-value matters in all of the world’s major arbitration centers.

As in so many other areas of our business, Burford is known for listening to clients and firms and developing innovative solutions to address their needs. We’ve developed bespoke portfolio models for clients and leading firms with respected international arbitration practices.


As veterans of the world’s leading law firms and corporations, Burford’s team brings arbitration expertise from all angles—first and foremost as experts in the economics of financing arbitration, but also as lawyers and in-house counsel who have led high-value claims and responses in leading arbitration centers.

Christopher Bogart

Chief Executive Officer

Aviva Will

Senior Managing Director

Peter Benzian

Managing Director


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