Portfolio & complex financing

Leader in unlocking strategic capital across multiple matters

What we do

Clients and firms turn to Burford for portfolios that provide flexible non-recourse financing for multiple matters on a linked basis—and for custom financing structures that address complex needs in strategic ways.

Clients and firms use portfolio financing to pay for all or partial fees and expenses, for expenses only, or to monetize litigation asset value. Indeed, one of the many advantages of portfolio financing is its inherent flexibility: Capital can be used to finance matters within the portfolio as needed, or for broader business purposes. Another benefit: The cost of capital is typically lower because risk is diversified.

For firms, portfolio financing can reduce overall risk—which enables them to take on more contingent or conditional matters without increasing total exposure—while enhancing competitiveness. For clients, portfolio financing is particularly advantageous for managing the impact of litigation on balance sheets and risk profiles—a benefit with powerful value for publicly traded companies.

Portfolio finance can encompass both plaintiff and defense matters in the same portfolio, and portfolios range from existing matters, pre- or post-settlement, to those not yet extant.

  • Mitigates risk and increases available capital
  • Flexible capital for fees, expenses or other needs
  • Lower cost of capital
  • Cases are cross-collateralized

What makes us unique

Burford pioneered portfolio financing, and our capacity to develop and finance these specialized vehicles is unmatched in experience or expertise. Recent portfolios include a $100 million portfolio for a leading law firm and a $45 million portfolio for a FTSE 20 company.


Veterans of the world’s top law firms, Burford’s team combines knowledge and experience in law with the financial savvy to consistently innovate new financing options for clients and law firms.

Emily Slater

Managing Director

Ernest Getto

Managing Director

John Lazar



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