Post-settlement monetization

Helping claimants and law firms speed payment of awards and fees

What we do

We help claimants and law firms alleviate the burden of waiting for compensation—in single-party litigation as well as class and mass actions.

We accelerate law firms’ receipt of outstanding receivables, providing capital that firms can immediately recognize as revenue and utilize for any purpose. At year-end, this financing eases collection pressure and boosts revenues—at costs generally lower than the end-of-year discounts firms may offer in hopes of incentivizing faster client payment.

At the tail end of litigation, claimants often still face the frustration of waiting for full payment of the negotiated value of the claim. We purchase the payment streams from settlements and judgments. We can also monetize attorney fees, enabling firms to immediately recognize revenue, without further delay and regardless of the ultimate outcome.

We structure large litigation settlements where parties have various timing and cash flow desires. By acting as a financial intermediary, we can accommodate a defendant’s preference to pay over multiple quarters or years while providing a single lump sum to the plaintiff. We also can shoulder risk in connection with class-action settlement structures. In a claims-made settlement, we can ensure a minimum participation rate to allow plaintiffs’ counsel to earn fees as claims are submitted. For defense counsel, we can pay the excess when submitted claims exceed a certain threshold.

  • Accelerate receipt of outstanding receivables
  • Provide capital that can make use of applicable tax and accounting benefits and be used for corporate purposes unrelated to litigation
  • Monetize attorneys’ fees post-settlement
  • Purchase payment streams from settlements and judgments
  • Structure large litigation settlements

How we’re different

As the world’s largest and most experienced provider of financing for law, we can move with scale, speed and pricing that are unmatched in the industry.


Our team is the industry’s biggest and best. We add value beyond capital, and we do all of our underwriting in-house—so we can be quick, precise and insightful in our response to law firm needs.

Emily Slater

Managing Director

Patrick Wackerly

Portfolio Manager

Robert Martorana

Vice President


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