Ross Clark

Chief Risk Officer

Ross Clark is Chief Risk Officer of Burford.

Mr. Clark combines legal and case management skills, market knowledge, financial and pricing acumen, and the experience of having built leading businesses in the UK litigation finance field. Mr. Clark became an underwriter of high-risk financial covers, and worked in alternative risk transfer mechanisms. He was recruited by Firstassist Legal Expenses, a niche provider of insurance in the legal market, to stabilize its book and return it to profit. He then developed the first UK insurance products designed for large commercial disputes. This product enabled Firstassist to become UK’s leading legal insurance business, underwriting cases with exposures of up to £20 million. In 2012, Firstassist was acquired by Burford as the cornerstone of its entry into the UK market.

Mr. Clark has worked with a wide range of authorities in the UK litigation market, including the government, regulators, the Bar Council and Law Society. He has been engaged as an expert in a range of cases that have set significant precedents for the future of litigation insurance, and is a frequent speaker and commentator on the subject of litigation finance.

Mr. Clark received a BA (Honors) in Law and an MBA from the University of Durham.

T:+44 (0) 845 077 5547

Managing the cost of litigation


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