Introducing Burford

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Institutional investors around the world are more vulnerable to corporate misconduct than ever before. With record-high corporate fraud and economic crime, risk mitigation is the first priority.

Ongoing volatility in global markets is a breeding ground for fraudulent behavior. Asset managers and other large institutional investors are pursuing securities litigation more frequently to recover their losses, but the process can be deeply challenging and time consuming.

Burford—an industry leader and innovator in legal finance—is equipped to provide comprehensive financing solutions for investor recovery. Our team has helped the world’s largest and most sophisticated investors identify, evaluate and pursue meritorious securities litigation around the world.

Institutional investors use our financing to address a range of needs:

  • Portfolio finance: To enable investors to pursue recoveries globally under an umbrella agreement and unitary fee structure, Burford provides a capital facility for multiple matters.
  • Single case finance: When investors have single high value litigations or are part of a group of similarly situated claimants, Burford provides funding on a single-case basis.

Burford’s securities litigation team works alongside claimants to analyze damages, secure the highest quality counsel and maximize recovery.