Introducing Burford

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As disputes continue to rise, 2022 could be a defining year for the global arbitration landscape, making arbitration financing more vital than ever before. With many leading arbitral institutions—including ACICA, LCIA and the ICC—adopting third-party funding frameworks, one thing is clear: Arbitration financing is now the norm.

With its size, scale and industry-leading team, Burford is equipped to provide comprehensive financing solutions for investor-state and international commercial arbitration claims on a non-recourse basis.

Burford has financed more than 50 high-value international arbitration matters in all the world’s leading arbitration centres (ICSID, UNCITRAL, LCIA, ICC, SCC, HKIAC) as well as post-award proceedings across the world.

Claimants pursuing arbitration can use our financing to address a range of needs:

  • Fees and expenses financing: Burford can finance full fees, partial fees or expenses on behalf of the claimant or respondent in original arbitration proceedings as well as in the enforcement of arbitration awards.
  • Monetisation: Burford can advance a portion of the potential award on a non-recourse basis, accelerating the timing of high-value claims and de-risking the complex arbitration process.
  • Adverse costs insurance: Burford can provide insurance for funded matters to protect them from adverse costs risk with our own wholly owned insurer Burford Worldwide Insurance Limited (BWIL), protecting clients and firms in large arbitration matters.
  • Enforce unpaid awards: Burford can help clients address enforcement challenges with its in-house global asset tracing and corporate intelligence team.

Burford’s international arbitration team works with clients at every stage of the arbitration process to shift cost and risk off the balance sheet and maximize recovery for future growth.