Case Study

Risk management for an IP boutique

Law firm challenge

Patent litigation is inherently (and uniquely) costly, risky and time-consuming, but it has become even more so in recent years. Faced with a heightened risk environment, a well-respected and successful IP boutique wanted to grow its practice—but was unable to absorb additional risk.

Burford legal finance solution

Burford provided non-recourse portfolio-based financing that enabled the boutique to fund legal fees and expenses for new IP matters, ensuring the firm would never have to turn down a strong case simply because a client was unable to pay or the firm was unwilling to absorb additional risk.

Legal finance impact

The firm was also able to leverage the financing arrangement as a new business development tool: Armed with a pool of capital, the firm was able to offer better terms for existing clients under pressure to lower legal costs and pursue new business with competitive terms locked in.