Securities litigation

Burford has extensive experience and expertise to finance securities litigation across the globe

Asset managers and other large institutional investors are taking an increasingly systematic approach to pursuing legal recoveries against issuers accused of fraud. In the US, the number of institutional investors opting out of securities class actions has risen significantly in recent years. As the volume and breadth of securities litigation in Europe and the Asia-Pacific continues to grow, more investors are navigating legal challenges in unfamiliar jurisdictions.

What we do

Burford offers a comprehensive investor recovery solution, helping the world’s largest and most sophisticated institutional investors identify, evaluate and pursue meritorious securities litigation anywhere in the world. Financing is provided based on two typical financing models:

Portfolio finance

Burford can provide capital on a portfolio basis, allowing investors to pursue recoveries globally under an umbrella agreement and unitary fee structure. Portfolio financing can relieve the considerable burdens placed on in-house counsel who must otherwise evaluate competing proposals from law firms or funders for every new case. And because portfolio financing typically offers more favorable economics than single-case funding or engaging a law firm on contingency, investors can be confident they will retain more of the proceeds than they would under these traditional “one size fits all” arrangements.

Single-case finance

Burford can provide single-case financing to investors litigating individually or as part of a group of similarly situated claimants.

How we help

  • Enable parties to work with the experienced counsel of choice
  • Maximize recoveries with customized financing solutions
  • Provide access to flexible capital through portfolio financing arrangements
  • Enable parties to pursue multiple, unrelated claims across a diverse set of jurisdictions
  • Provide complimentary damages analysis at the outset of a case
  • Help ensure investors are represented by the highest quality counsel, no matter where the litigation is filed
  • In fee-shifting jurisdictions, Burford can offer “after the event” insurance through its own wholly owned Guernsey-based insurer, Burford Worldwide Insurance Ltd (BWIL)


Why Burford

Burford works with some of the largest institutional investors in the world, which value our transparency, sophistication and willingness and ability to commit the necessary capital, resources and expertise to maximize their recoveries. Investors can benefit from the rigorous due diligence Burford performs on every potential claim, leveraging an in-house securities litigation underwriting team that includes experienced practitioners from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia and former in-house counsel from global financial institutions.

Burford’s extensive experience assessing and investing in matters throughout the US, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia allows Burford to deliver a truly global investor recovery solution.

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Burford conducts all investment diligence in-house—so we can be quick, precise and creative in our response.
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