2020 | Issue No. 3

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The latest issue of the Burford Quarterly (3/2020) features roundtables with bankruptcy experts and with top law firms on what they’re hearing from GCs, a look at Asia-based companies pursuing US IP litigation and a view on why now is a time for bold ideas.

This issue of the Quarterly includes: 

  • A time for bold ideas
    Co-Chief Operating Officers Aviva Will and David Perla urge law firm and in-house lawyers to innovate, as the present environment requires. 

  • Law firm roundtable: Helping GCs adjust to new economic pressures
    Top law firm lawyers on the challenges corporate legal departments face and the solutions that resonate with GCs. 

  • Restructuring roundtable: Unlocking liquidity with legal assets 
    Respected bankruptcy experts describe the impact of Covid-19 and the downturn on the bankruptcy litigation landscape. 

  • Law firm risk sharing and revenue generation
    As clients ask external counsel to offer innovative solutions, the world's top law firms are embracing new approaches—from plaintiff-side litigation to partner compensation. 

  • Securities litigation in Australia
    An overview of recent decisions from Australian courts that are changing the way representative actions will be commenced, run, funded, and regulated in the future.

  • Reexamining the role of security for costs
    It is imperative that the relationship between third-party funding and security for costs applications be reconsidered. 

  • US IP litigation for Asia-based companies
    US intellectual property litigation has become increasingly protracted and costly. Nevertheless, Asia-based companies are actively pursuing US monetization strategies. 


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