Burford Quarterly | 2021 Issue No. 2

Reducing risk & enhancing liquidity post-pandemic

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Business leaders are transforming how they think about managing legal risk post-pandemic—and asking their law firm partners to help them navigate ongoing uncertainty.

Fortune 500 and FTSE350 companies are unlocking legal assets to invest in innovation and add predictability to their legal budgets. Download the Burford Quarterly to learn about creative cash flow and cost management solutions to enhance liquidity and reduce risk.

The latest issue of the Burford Quarterly includes:

Health care roundtable: Navigating opportunity after a year of upheaval  

Law firm leaders share their perspectives on the most salient industry forces and the most high value disputes in the health care sector.
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How restaurants and food companies are using invisible assets to power a rebound

Liquidity and certainty are business imperatives for the restaurant and food sector—and leading brands are finding creative solutions to optimize cash flows and manage cost and risk.
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The biopharmaceutical industry’s Covid-influenced evolution

Following historic collaboration among pharmaceutical companies to solve a global pandemic, a return to competition is inevitable. Learn what that means for the biopharmaceutical sector.
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The future of mining post-pandemic

The metals and mining industry faces rising costs for exploration and production, punishing margins and leaving investors reluctant to fund new projects. One source of liquidity and new project finance for metals and mining companies—the enormous value of their meritorious large-scale disputes.
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How companies use external capital to manage costs, enhance liquidity and reduce risk

Recent case studies illustrate how leading companies generate value from what would otherwise be illiquid assets or a drain on corporate budgets.
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