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Transitioning from cost centers to value generators—and other 2022 legal finance trends

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Amidst the uncertainty of a continuing pandemic, many companies looking for growth opportunities—and increasingly exploring how the legal department for those opportunities.

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This issue includes: 

Bridging the legal/finance knowledge gap: Essentials to building an effective affirmative recovery program
Savvy companies are becoming more ambitious in their pursuit of affirmative litigation recoveries with potential value to the enterprise—but many face challenges in implementing a systematic recovery program.
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Equity project Q&A: Diversity, equity and inclusion and the path forward for companies and law firms
Two of the legal and business leaders who support the recently expanded Equity Project as Champions share their perspective on how legal departments and law firms can continue to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.
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Expert insights: Global opportunities in antitrust & competition
A respected group of law firm leaders share their perspectives on global antitrust and competition trends and discuss how clients can navigate the changing regulatory environment and increased focus on cross-border merger enforcement.
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Trends in asset recovery
In the year ahead, creditors with unpaid judgments may continue to face severe resource constraints as well as obstacles in recovering monies owed to them by recalcitrant debtors. As courts reopen and countries adopt new regulations, asset recovery expertise will play a key role in creditors’ enforcement strategies.
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Trends in international arbitration
2022 could be a defining year for the global arbitration landscape: Latin American- and MENA-based disputes are expected to rise, and third-party funding provisions are increasingly becoming part of the discussion in upcoming disputes.
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Trends in IP and patent litigation
In 2021, IP and patent litigation stakes were heightened by disputes related to Covid vaccine development and a spate of nine-figure mega-verdicts across industries. In the year ahead, patent holders from small to large entities are increasingly aware of this development and are becoming more sophisticated in evaluating and asserting patent portfolio value.
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Trends in bankruptcy & insolvency
Experts and non-experts alike predicted a wave of bankruptcies and insolvencies following the business disruption caused by Covid-19 in 2021. However, new filings globally were much lower than expected following historic levels of government support and easy access to cheap liquidity in the capital markets. As government support around the world abates in the coming year, commercial filings are expected to pick back up.
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