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Asset Recovery 101

Read this guide to understand the essential role asset recovery plays in converting unenforced judgments into tangible assets for companies and law firms.

Obtaining a favorable judgment or award isn’t necessarily the end of the legal journey. In fact, for the 70% of companies that report having outstanding high-value judgment debts, it’s just the beginning.

Asset recovery plays an important role in transforming unpaid judgments into actual cash that companies can use to enhance liquidity and pursue business opportunities—but many companies have questions about how it works.

Asset Recovery 101 includes:

  • Guidance on building a winning asset recovery strategy
  • Frequently asked questions
  • An expert roundtable
  • A list of seven “bad” debtor patterns

Burford remains the largest legal finance provider with an in-house global corporate intelligence and asset recovery business to provide clients with the best recourse available.

Download the booklet to learn more about asset tracing and recovery services and how Burford can help.