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Burford at 10

In October 2019, Burford celebrated its tenth anniversary. As we celebrate that milestone, we are proud to share our perspective on the legal finance industry, Burford's business and our team. 

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This publication includes: 

  • Introduction: Why Burford's 10-year track record matters
    Burford's co-founders explain why Burford's team—and our ability to act as a true partner to companies and law firms—matters to clients

  • 10 years of legal finance: A timeline
    We highlight some of the key milestones in Burford's growth—and in the industry we helped shape
  • Legal finance at 10: Founders' perspective
    Burford's co-founders reflect on Burford's first decade to anticipate industry trends in the years ahead 

  • Legal finance at 10: How lawyers see the industry
    A group of leading lawyers with a deep understanding of legal finance share their views on the industry and the role capital can play

  • Burford at 10: Inside perspective
    Members of Burford's team answer questions about legal finance and try to anticipate where Burford will go in its second decade 

  • 10 years, 10 data points
    Drawing on propriety data, Burford breaks down its first ten years by the numbers