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Spring 2017 Burford Quarterly

The Spring 2017 Quarterly covers the maturation of the litigation finance industry via Burford’s acquisition of Gerchen Keller Capital, an in-depth analysis on the MagCorp case direct from its bankruptcy trustee and attorney and an editorial on why the EU will soon surpass the US as the global patent center.

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The Spring 2017 issue of the Quarterly includes:

  • Recent rulings
    A quick overview and analysis of some recent events and judgments in the litigation finance industry.
  • Litigation finance beyond litigation
    External capital can be utilized in ways beyond litigation to monetize asset value and hedge risk for both defendants and plaintiffs.
  • Adverse costs and insurance
    Litigation finance can help defray and insure against the adverse costs that may result in the event of a legal loss.
  • With UPC, EU may surpass US as a patent center—even post-Brexit
    In creating a single patent system that uses the same procedures and experienced judges, the UPC creates a common appeal system that can expedite patent litigation.
  • Legal finance to optimize deal value in private equity
    By treating litigation as a financeable asset, companies can maximize the value of their investments.
  • In asset recovery, not all jurisdictions are created equal
    Complex multijurisdictional cases make information discovery and a deep understanding of various regions’ legal systems necessary.
  • Q&A: An interview with Lee Buchwald and Nicholas Kajon
    MacCorp bankruptcy trustee Lee Buchwald and attorney Nicholas Kajon of Stevens & Lee discuss their unprecedented use of litigation finance via Gerchen Keller Capital (acquired soon thereafter by Burford) to liquidate a portion of a contingent asset, hedge against appellate risk and guarantee a minimum recovery to creditors.

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