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Summer 2017 Burford Quarterly

The Summer 2017 Quarterly showcases a mix of case studies, quantitative analyses and industry best practices to help readers become comfortable with the steps required to obtain outside funding.

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The Summer 2017 issue of the Quarterly includes: 

  • Financing corporate legal costs: Self finance vs. outside finance
    An ACME Co. case study shows that outside finance can ameliorate the risks and costs associated with litigation more effectively than self-financing.
  • How law firms use portfolio finance
    By bundling cases into monetization and/or risk-sharing portfolios, firms can proactively manage finances, increase profitability, and limit risk.
  • Financing contentious tax claims
    External capital can move costs off balance sheets, allowing corporations and law firms to streamline profits and mitigate exposure.
  • Getting to “yes”: Securing finance for IP litigation
    Burford provides an overview of the IP litigation financing process to help clients and firms learn if they are optimal candidates to receive funding.
  • Litigation finance disclosure: Transparency or tactics?
    In the US, courts have deemed disclosure of litigation finance unnecessary, despite opposition from a few critics.

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