2018 | Issue No. 3

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The Summer 2018 Quarterly features an interview with the President and CEO of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), and discusses numerous ways that legal finance can spur innovation for universities, asset managers and law firms.

The Summer 2018 issue of the Quarterly includes: 

  • Q&A: Veta T. Richardson
    Veta T. Richardson, President and CEO of the ACC, discusses the need for in-house counsel to become more business savvy and cost-effective.
  • Litigation finance disclosure: Common sense and false narratives
    Burford dispels false narratives surrounding a vocal minority's calls for litigation finance disclosure.
  • A new law firm equity model can reshape the market for legal services
    Innovative business models can shift law firms away from the short-termism tied to the cash partnership structure.
  • Using legal finance to unlock university IP assets
    It remains to be seen how ICSID will resolve the questions of security for costs and legal finance disclosures.
  • Adverse costs and ATE insurance: Managing the risk of costs orders in high-stakes disputes
    Expert Charles D. booth reviews the use of litigation finance in Asia, specifically in Hong Kong and Singapore, and predicts that its implementation will grow significantly over the next five years.


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