2019 | Issue No. 3

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The Summer 2019 issue of the Burford Quarterly features interviews with legal experts from around the world, on subjects ranging from legal innovation, to insurance recoveries litigation, to securities fraud litigation, and more.

The Summer 2019 issue of the Quarterly includes: 

  • 10 Years of legal finance: A timeline
    In October 2019, Burford Capital will celebrate ten years of business. We highlight some of the key milestones in our growth—and in the industry we helped shape

  • Q&A with Nancy Sher Cohen: Trends in insurance recoveries litigation
    Insurance coverage expert shares her perspective on top concerns facing clients pursuing or considering complex insurance coverage claims 

  • Expert insights: Securities fraud litigation in Europe
    Leading securities litigation experts address questions surrounding the legal frameworks, damages quantifications and group action regimes

  • Legal innovation roundtable
    Q&A on innovation in the business of law with a respected group of legal pioneers and business of law influencers

  • 2019 Managing Legal Risk Report: Insights from CFOs and finance professionals
    Insights into how CFOs think about managing legal cost and risk, how they view the legal function and why they advocate the use of legal finance

  • Roundtable: Former in-house lawyers weigh in on legal finance
    A panel of former in-house lawyers discuss lessons learned on both sides of the in-house/legal finance divide 

  • Navigating judgment enforcement in multi-jurisdictional arbitrations
    A guide for both corporates and their counsel looking to enforce a judgment arising from a complex cross-border dispute


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