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The 2018 Annual Client Report

Burford’s Client Report coincides with Burford’s annual report to public shareholders, and demonstrates what Burford’s 2018 business performance means for both our existing clients and for those considering how to approach legal finance.

A few highlights of our 2018 performance are:

  • Burford committed $1.3 billion in new investments with our law firm and corporate clients in 2018 alone—reflecting continued strong demand for our capital from your peers

  • We deployed over $1 billion in 2018 alone—reflecting our unique capacity to put money out the door to fund commercial litigation and arbitration

  • Our team now exceeds 110 professionals, including more than 55 experienced lawyers—equipping us to respond quickly and expertly to your needs

  • We hope the Client Report gives you useful insights into how to leverage legal finance, and we encourage you to reach out to Burford to discuss how we can help

Download Burford's Client Report to learn how we can help law firms and companies