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Burford Insights: How do CFOs think about legal assets?

In this video, CFO Ken Brause shares details from Burford's latest research and discusses how CFOs think about legal assets.

  • Ken Brause

CFOs add value by bringing a financial mindset to the whole enterprise. Burford's 2021 Legal Asset Report: A Survey of Finance Professionals is based on new research with senior finance professionals in the US, UK and Australia and explores how CFOs think about legal assets. 

Burford's Chief Financial Officer Ken Brause is responsible for managing and overseeing Burford’s global finances and financial strategy. In this video, he explains how CFOs think about legal assets: 

  • What is to be gained when CFOs advocate for a more commercial mindset in the legal department 

  • What CFOs wish their legal teams and law firms would do differently 

  • What it will take to shift CFOs to model litigation risk as they would any other area of the business 

  • How CFOs should think about non-bank, non-recourse legal finance as part of their overall funding stack and capital structure 

This video was recorded on 17 June 2021. 

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