Part I: What does the 2022 SDG Gender Index tells us about progress on gender equality? 

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Liz Bigham

Liz Bigham

Chief Marketing Officer

Former EVP Marketing, Jack Morton/Interpublic

Burford's Chief Marketing Officer Liz Bigham sits down with Director of Equal Measures 2030 Alison Holder to discuss key takeaways from the 2022 SDG Gender Index. Equal Measures 2030 is a multi-sectoral partnership of grassroots organizations, international NGOs and private sector which is collaboratively working to connect data and evidence with advocacy and action to achieve the SDGs for girls and women. In this video she explains: 

  • What the 2022 Sustainable Development Goals Gender Index is and what were the key findings from the report

  • How the Covid-19 pandemic has set women back on gender equality

  • Some of the ways companies in the private sector can promote woman and do their part to close the gender gap 




This video was recorded on 20 April.

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