Burford Insights: Why does diversity matter more in a downturn?


In a downturn, organizations often deprioritize diversity and inclusion as they focus on the economic fallout. However, studies by McKinsey and others suggest that it is exactly at times like these that diversity in leadership positions is of paramount importance for business success.

Burford's Elizabeth Fisher, Senior Vice President with responsibility for developing and expanding Burford’s relationships with law firms and companies across the UK and Europe, has taken on a significant role in promoting and championing Burford’s Equity Project initiative. In this video, she explains why gender diversity matters more in a downturn: 

  • Why businesses should not only maintain but increase diversity initiatives in a downturn

  • How companies can use their influence to inspire the law firms they hire to forge a new commitment to equality 

  • What is The Equity Project and why does it resonate with law firm leaders?

This video was recorded on 6 August 2020. 

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