How can The Equity Project help firms and companies meet ESG and DEI goals?

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Gabriela  Bersuder

Gabriela Bersuder

Vice President

Former Litigator, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler


The Equity Project is an award-winning initiative designed to address diversity in the business of law by providing an economic incentive for change. At its core, it’s $100 million of legal finance capital earmarked to fund commercial litigation and arbitration led by female and racially diverse lawyers in leadership roles.

The Equity Project enables female and diverse lawyers to build books of business and increase stature in their firms. And crucially it gives corporate legal departments a tool for incentivizing their law firms to appoint diverse lawyers to leadership positions on the teams that represent them. In this video, Gabriela Bersuder explains how The Equity Project can help firms and companies to meet their ESG and DEI goals. 


This video was recorded on 6 December.

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