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A half-billion dollar bet: Burford director on litigation funding’s future

The litigation finance industry is heating up in the U.S. as new funders enter the market and hire away Big Law attorneys to fill their ranks. Another sign of this trend: Burford Capital, one of the largest litigation funders, recently announced it had poured almost half a billion dollars into litigation finance in just the first half of this year after its game-changing acquisition of Gerchen Keller.

In this episode of Unprecedented, Burford managing director and Gerchen Keller alum Travis Lenkner talks about the effect of all that money pouring into the legal system. “The changes that might be brought on by litigation finance are no different from the changes that clients in complex commercial litigation matters have been pushing now for many years,” he says. Lenkner also talks about why the industry is growing, and what happens when funding becomes commonplace.

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