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A smarter way for firms to accelerate Q4 collections and manage cash flow

  • Patrick Wackerly

Entering Q4 2020, law firm leaders report heightened concern about end-of-year collections in an uncertain economy.

But this is a solvable problem: Law firms can use third-party monetization of pending settlements and outstanding client receivables to confidently manage revenue, avoid uncertainty and keep their focus on building new business.

Led by Burford Portfolio Managers Nicholas Cooper and Patrick Wackerly, this webcast will provide an overview of monetizing year-end settlements and receivables, including:

  • Financial and reputational benefits of monetization
  • Monetization vs. bill collection
  • How firms can save time and money by working with a third-party legal finance provider

Monetization is a timely solution to a persistent but timely challenge—and one that remains invisible to clients.

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