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Latest Burford Quarterly journal of legal finance addresses top trends in business of law

Features on managing litigation budgets, best practices for law firms building contingency fee practices, DEI in law and recent legal finance caselaw


New York, July 18,2023 – Burford Capital, the leading global finance and asset management firm focused on law, today releases its latest Burford Quarterly, a journal of legal finance that explores the top trends impacting the business of law.

The latest issue of the Burford Quarterly 3 2023 includes:

  • Best practices for building contingency fee practices

Co-Chair of Cadwalader’s antitrust litigation group Philip Iovieno shares best practices for firms and lawyers expanding contingency fee practices with Burford Chief Marketing Officer Liz Bigham.

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in the business of law

Laura Durrant, Chief Executive Officer of the Black Talent Charter (recently signed by the UK’s Supreme Court), discusses diversity in law and how to move the needle in professional services with Burford Vice President Hannah Howlett.

  • Best practices for managing accurate litigation budgets

In-house lawyers say litigation budgets are less accurate than they would like. Senior Vice President Suzanne Grosso shares guidance on litigation budgeting.

  • Monetization of corporate patents and patent divestitures

A group of patent experts discuss how businesses, both large and small, are monetizing corporate patents in a roundtable moderated by Managing Director Eric Carlson.

  • Mining sector dispute trends

With a $1.7 trillion increase in investment anticipated in the mining sector, experts agree that disputes are likely to arise. Experts from top firms and consultancies discuss, in a roundtable moderated by Director Jeffery Commission. 

  • The rise of award monetization in Europe

More businesses in continental Europe are monetizing or assigning arbitration claims and awards to accelerate value and de-risk matters. Burford’s Head of Europe Philipp Leibfried and Director Jörn Eschment discuss this trend.

  • Legal finance case law update

Recent court decisions reflect the growing acceptance of commercial legal finance. Burford Director Andrew Cohen provides an overview of relevant legal finance case law from the last year.



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