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Burford’s Christopher Bogart discusses legal finance innovation on CEO Show podcast

In an interview on the CEO Show, Christopher Bogart reflects on how Burford is transforming companies’ claims from cost centers into profit centers, as well as on the experiences that led him to co-found the company in 2009.

“[Legal] assets, to most people, are invisible; the market doesn’t give you any credit for them… Not only are they invisible, but they will continue not to provide very much real value to the company, because even if you go down the line and win these claims, the result is going to be the market treating those as one-time or unusual items. [The market] is not going to treat them as part of your operating profit, because you’re probably not in the business of litigating. And so… by applying financing to those claims, you’re unlocking hidden asset value that you would otherwise never get any credit for.”

Listen to the 20-minute podcast here >>