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Chris Bogart: CEO with insight into startup, M&A and corporate worlds

Growing up in Toronto, Chris Bogart was always drawn to leadership positions because, as he poignantly observes, “if you don’t do it, the thing that your interested in isn’t going to happen.”

In 2003, Bogart left his role as CEO of Time Warner’s broadband business to start Glenavy Capital, a tech/media investment vehicle, which he operated successfully for six years before founding Burford Capital. Although most people could not imagine leaving the job of CEO at a large corporation to become an entrepreneur, Bogart saw it differently.

“Although it was a big leap, it was born out of the fact that I felt like I was not having a sufficiently positive impact at Time Warner. I would come home at the end of the week after being on the road a lot and not seeing my family, and when I added up my accomplishments from that week, the list was not long enough.”

One of his most important lessons, which he shares with aspiring entrepreneurs, is “be flexible around your core vision, because the only thing that’s certain is it’s not going to work out exactly the way you thought it would.”

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