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Craig Arnott speaks with Chris Merritt about Burford’s business in Australia

In a broad conversation with The Australian, Craig Arnott speaks with Chris Merritt about the Australian Law Reform Commission’s review of legal finance, Burford’s views on the proposed changes and the company’s goals in the Australian market. In response to a question regarding potential growth implications of the ALRC proposal, Mr. Arnott mentions that “On the suggestion that there should be a 50% cap on returns, our approach is that we won’t fund anything that even suggests we would take that much… We want the plaintiff to walk away feeling a winner.” In a separate response regarding Burford’s aims in Australia, Mr. Arnott responds that “Our main target focus group is actually big corporates and the law firms who represent them.” When asked to elaborate further, Mr. Arnott responds “We say to law firms: You have to recognize the budget strain your clients are under. That is not to say that funding always makes sense, but… they want it as an option.”

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