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Co-COO David Perla featured in ALM on legal innovation during tight economic times

Law.com's Business of Law desk editor Dan Packel writes how law firms can consider "redeploying personnel toward contingency litigation" instead of conducting layoffs during tight economic times, according to Burford's Co-COO David Perla.

As Perla says, "'The firms that do have a litigation practice and have specialty practices that haven’t historically leveraged those specialties into their litigation have opportunities here...Firms that have risk-based practices in limited groups that have treated those as exceptions to the firm’s preference for hourly billings can expand this appetite for risk.'

He adds, 'If [firms] believe in the economics, they can find their way around the training and the pricing.'" 

The article also mentions Burford co-founder and Chief Investment Officer Jon Molot's recent byline in Legal Week/Law.com International entitled "Outside Equity Investments in Law Firms are The Future of Legal Innovation."

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