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David Perla takes on the future of legal finance in Above the Law

Burford MD David Perla discusses the ways legal finance is innovating the legal business in an article for Above the Law. In addressing how legal finance is allowing law firms to expand business, Perla says: “Capital can be used by law firms to represent clients that they previously couldn’t represent, and in ways that the firms previously could not accommodate.” On the growing acceptance of legal finance as a mainstream financial tool for law firms, Perla adds: “That conversation has changed, with GCs (and CFOs as well) thinking of legal finance as a tool of corporate finance rather than as a means of last resort.” Perla concludes the article on an optimistic note:

“We aren’t sure where all this will lead, but—like all industry changes that were driven by leveraging assets not historically applied to law—there will be myriad benefits for clients and law firms alike. And as we continue to ponder what’s possible, we are surer than ever that the possibilities are endless.”

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