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Eight from Burford headline Lawdragon’s 100 Leading Legal Consultants and Strategists

Lawdragon has named eight Burford representatives to its list of the 100 Leading Legal Consultants and Strategists for 2019, making it the best-represented company in the rankings. In its introduction, Lawdragon notes: “Burford, the [...] legal finance juggernaut, now works with 90 percent of the Global 100... With that kind of impact, it’s not surprising that it’s represented by eight of its stars… Key to that representation, as well, is the firm’s groundbreaking Equity Project.”

Burford’s Christopher Bogart, Jonathan Molot, Aviva Will, Emily Slater, Katharine Wolanyk, Christopher Catalano, John Lazar and Jeffery Commission all made the list.

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