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Forbes highlights Burford as an innovative legal enterprise, transforming legal economics

In an article for Forbes, author Mark A. Cohen highlights Burford Capital among a list of 'entrepreneurial legal enterprises that are transforming the market'. Declaring that Burford is transforming legal economics, he explains that globalism has created new challenges and opportunities for business, and that entrepreneurs and innovation are driving the response.

Burford Capital, LegalZoom, and Dentons are among a growing list of entrepreneurial legal enterprises that are transforming the market. Each has built on the foundations laid by earlier legal entrepreneurs.

Burford Capital provides specialized finance to the legal market. The company offers a range of legal and litigation finance solutions to lawyers and clients engaged in litigation and arbitration. Burford launched in 2009 and now boasts a market cap of almost $4.5B. The company invested $1.3B in 2017, bringing its total investment portfolio commitment to $2.4B as of the end of 2017. Burford is quietly transforming legal economics by deploying capital to create flexibility.

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