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IAM writes about Burford Capital's work with Colibri Heart Valve

IAM publishes a piece focused on Burford’s work with Colibri Heart Valve, which resulted in a $106.6 million verdict against Medtronic and provides an example “of a small medical device company that used litigation funding to win an infringement verdict against a huge rival promising a significant capital infusion to help get its innovative heart valve technology to market.”


IAM notes that the Colibri example “…also counters a narrative in the IP community that litigation funders are fueling abusive patent litigation from non-practicing entities who are demanding huge sums from American innovators. Rather, Colibri's funding was the only way to recoup the value of its investment in innovation. It enables further capital to get Colibri's product to market.”


And Katharine Wolanyk says at the end of the piece: “‘Litigation is our business...Patent cases in particular take a long time to play out. We are not going to get squeamish or impatient. We are with them to the end.’”


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