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Ken Brause to speak at FEI webcast

Ken Brause, Chief Financial Officer at Burford Capital, will be speaking at the webcast “CFOs Poised to Unlock More Value from Legal: The 2021 Burford Capital Legal Asset Report” hosted by Financial Executives International (FEI). The session will take place January 26 at 2pm EST.

The webcast will highlight how companies and their financial officers have grown increasingly interested in pursuing litigation as a revenue generator and how that shift presents an opportunity for close collaboration between legal and financial departments. Attendees will learn about the opportunities CFOs have to fully leverage tools to unlock the value of legal claims and the benefits of applying a commercial mindset to legal departments.

FEI is a leading association comprised of members who hold positions as Chief Financial Officers, Chief Accounting Officers, controllers, treasurers and tax executives at companies in every major industry. There are more than 65 chapters present in the US.

You can learn more about the webcast here.