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The American Lawyer highlights growing demand for Burford’s capital

In a feature for The American Lawyer, Roy Strom points to Burford’s latest $250 million equity raise as emblematic of its continued growth. The capital raise comes on the heels of Burford’s strong interim results, in which it reported committing $540 million to new matters in the first half of 2018. Burford CEO Chris Bogart is quoted heavily in the coverage:

“In one day we raised more than a quarter of a billion dollars, and the whole industry wasn’t a quarter of a billion dollars 10 years ago—which really is a signal of how far this has come in a relatively short period of time. And obviously we’re only raising this money if we’re pretty confident about our ability to put it to work, which means we have clients out there wanting capital. This [also lets us] continue to expand physically and geographically, so we’ll put someone on the ground in Australia, but it also means we can put more people on the ground in the US.”

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