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Webcast: Best practices for in-house legal teams

  • David Perla

In an hour-long webcast hosted by ALM, Burford Vice President Rufus Caine III—who recently joined Burford from Axiom Law, where he worked with in-house leaders at Fortune 500 companies—and Managing Director David Perla, who formerly worked as the assistant GC and vice president of business and legal affairs at Monster.com, address how in-house leaders can make use of legal finance to institute affirmative recovery programs.

During the webcast, the pair cover the latest legal finance research—which shows that legal departments are unnecessarily abandoning significant, affirmative legal assets year after year. This problem could easily be solved with legal finance, which reduces the cost and eliminates the risk inherent in pursuing affirmative legal assets.

By watching the webcast you’ll learn:

  • How top companies are successfully instituting affirmative recovery programs
  • What research reveals about in-house use of legal finance
  • Why affirmative recoveries are increasingly becoming a competitive necessity
  • How legal finance can help companies drive value through their legal departments

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