Investment portfolio

Burford Capital investment data

This chart provides individual asset detail about Burford’s capital provision-direct assets, as those terms are defined in Burford’s 2022 interim report, which also contains the context for the charts. The charts are updated through June 30, 2022. The charts should not be relied upon separately from the 2022 interim report. Burford disclaims any obligation to update the charts, although intends to do so at the time of its release of its 2022 annual results. “Commit” means Burford’s commitment to an asset; “Deploy” means Burford’s cash funding of an asset; “Recover” means Burford’s recovery upon partial realization or conclusion of an asset; “ROIC” means return on invested capital; and “IRR” means internal rate of return, all as further used and defined in Burford’s interim report. Weighted average life is computed consistently with Burford’s historical practice using the actual timing of cash flows; for some fund-only assets, final life is provided instead and is based on deal life.

Burford’s portfolio is constantly evolving and we from time to time amend our internal treatment of various asset parameters. Assets with such changes an accompanying note. We also note changes in deployments or recoveries with an “x”; changes in commitment amounts on existing assets are noted in a separate column. Certain totals and sub-totals may not sum exactly due to rounding differences.

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