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Craig Arnott

Deputy Chief Investment Officer

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Mariam Azeez


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Robert Bailhache

Director, Head of Investor Relations, EMEA and Asia

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Jim Ballan

Director, Head of Investor Relations, Americas

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Craig Batchelor


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Sam Bendit

Underwriting Associate

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Peter Benzian

Managing Director

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Gabriela Bersuder

Vice President

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Liz Bigham

Chief Marketing Officer

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Andrew Bodnar

Vice President

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Christopher Bogart

Chief Executive Officer

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Ken Brause

Chief Financial Officer

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Philip Braverman

Managing Director, Tax & HR

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Salina Brindle

Vice President

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Tom Brown

Vice President

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Lisa Buckser-Schulz


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Eric Carlson


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Christopher Catalano

Managing Director

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Joseph Cheavens

Senior Advisor

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Yechan Cho


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Jean-Jacques Choron

Quantitative Investment Analyst

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Andrew Cohen


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Leeor Cohen

Senior Vice President

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Jeffery Commission


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Danielle Cutrona

Director, Global Public Policy

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Kelly Daley

Managing Director

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Patrick Dempsey


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Christiane Deniger

Senior Vice President