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Ahmed Eltamami


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Jörn Eschment

Senior Vice President

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Tom Evans


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Edward Farkas

Corporate Counsel

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Elizabeth Fisher

Senior Vice President

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Manilla Freed

Associate Counsel

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Christopher Freeman

Vice President

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Jesse Gainsburg

Quantitative Investment Analyst

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Ernest Getto

Managing Director

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Robert Gillespie

Board Director

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Lucy Glyn

Vice President

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Suzanne Grosso

Vice President

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Kristina Grosso

Underwriting Coordinator Manager

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Leah Guggenheimer

Managing Director & Chief Innovation Officer

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Daniel Hall

Managing Director

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Joshua Harris

Senior Vice President

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Reda Hicks

Vice President

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Emily Hostage

Senior Vice President & Head of Special Projects

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Hannah Howlett

Vice President

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Jim Kilman

Senior Advisor

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Mark Klein

General Counsel & Chief Administrative Officer

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John Lazar

Managing Director

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Matt Lee


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Philipp Leibfried

UK/European Corporate Counsel

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G. Andrew Lundberg

Managing Director

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James MacKinnon

Senior Vice President

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Robert Martorana

Senior Vice President