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Evan Meyerson

Vice President

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Sir Peter Middleton GCB


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Jonathan Molot

Chief Investment Officer

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Connor Murphy


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Paul Mysliwiec

Corporate Counsel

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Elizabeth O'Connell, CFA

Chief Strategy Officer

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Quentin Pak


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Charles Parkinson

Board Director

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Leslie Paster

Financial Controller

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Alyx Pattison

Vice President

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David Perla

Co-Chief Operating Officer

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Giulia Previti

Vice President

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Michael Redman


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James Rhodes

Senior Advisor

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Tamara Robertson, CAIA

Director, Operations

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Phillipa Rogers Nash

Vice President

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Yasmine Scott

Associate, Business Development

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John Sievwright

Board Director

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Emily Slater

Managing Director

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Max Smith

Quantitative Investment Analyst

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Melissa Sobel

Deputy General Counsel

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Michael Sternhell


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Ed Thieberger

Chief Information Officer

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Matthew Toma


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Brian Tracy

Director, Head of Investor Relations, Private Funds

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Patrick Trimble

Funds Controller, Finance & Tax

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Jenny Trotman

Legal Counsel, Legal Risk & Compliance

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Charles Utley

Chief Accounting Officer