Upcoming events

Christopher Bogart to speak at Stanford Law School

Buford CEO Christopher Bogart will speak on an invitation only round-table discussion at Stanford Law School on Friday, April 5. The round-table is on: “The Globalization of Civil…

Emily Slater to speak at AIRA Annual Conference

Burford Managing Director Emily Slater will speak on a panel at the 35th Annual Bankruptcy & Restructuring Conference on Friday, June 7  at 1.30pm EST. The panel…

Past events

Eric Carlson to speak at AUTM Annual Meeting

Burford IP Principal Eric Carlson will speak on a panel at the Association of University Technology Managers Annual Meeting on Wednesday, February 13 at 12.45pm CST. The…

David Perla hosting PLI webcast, “The Legal Services Paradigm Shift”

Burford Managing Director David Perla is participating in a webcast hosted by PLI on November 28th at 3pm EST.  The webcast is titled “The Legal Services Paradigm Shift”, and will address the seismic shifts in the legal industry and what law firms can do to stay ahead of the curve.

Aviva Will hosting ALM webcast on The Equity Project

Burford Senior Managing Director Aviva Will will be hosting a complimentary ALM Webcast on Wednesday, November 7th at 2 p.m. EDT / 11 a.m. PDT. During the presentation, she will provide an overview of the gender gap in law and give a detailed explanation of Burford’s initiative to help close it: The Equity Project.
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