Litigation financing, a way to fund corporate lawsuits without risking cash, gains favor.
As reported in CFO Magazine
Having an outside funder can be a game-changer.
As reported in The Washington Post
Litigation financing is becoming a useful tool for in-house counsel.
As reported in Corporate Counsel
A notable percentage of the Fortune 100 has engaged in some kind of funded litigation.
As reported in The Wall Street Journal
We have and will continue to entertain the use of third-party funding.
Tom Sager, General Counsel, DuPont Co

Litigation finance treats litigation claims as financeable assets, just like real estate or receivables. Burford’s capital is used by businesses to pay legal expenses, relieve budget and P&L pressure, and monetize legal claims as the valuable assets they are. Litigation finance can also serve as an accounting tool, allowing businesses to litigate claims without impacting corporate balance sheets.

Burford clients range from small businesses to the world’s largest companies. We’ve helped them secure:

  • Funding of legal case expenses
  • Corporate debt facilities linked to a legal claim
  • Funding for a portfolio of pending litigation
  • Financing or sale of uncollected judgments
  • Support to reach terms with lawyer of choice
  • Contingent or conditional fee arrangements with an hourly fee lawyer
  • Litigation-related insurance and risk solutions
  • Monetization of a litigation asset at the beginning of a case, or after judgment or appeal

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