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Burford Capital update on plan to dual list in the US and UK

September 14, 2020

Burford Capital Limited (“Burford Capital” or “Burford” or “the Company”), the leading global finance and asset management firm focused on law, today provides an update on its plan to establish a listing for its equity in the US in addition to the UK.

In summary:

  • The US Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) continues to review Burford’s registration statement and as previously advised no comment can be given about progress or timing while that process is underway
  • Assuming SEC approval, the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) has approved Burford’s shares for listing on the NYSE under the ticker BUR, subject to customary listing conditions
  • Even though the SEC process is continuing, as there is a multi-week period of administrative preparation that is necessary, Burford is beginning that preparation now so that in the event of SEC approval the shares can begin to trade on the NYSE
  • An important part of that administrative preparation is the need for current shareholders to decide whether they wish future trading of their shares to settle through CREST or its US analogy, The Depositary Trust Company (“DTC”); relevant documentation will be provided to shareholders shortly

Further to the announcement made on 7 July 2020, while Burford Capital’s registration statement remains under review by the SEC, Burford’s listing application for its shares to trade on the NYSE has been approved, subject to customary listing conditions.  Assuming SEC approval, Burford’s shares will thus trade both on the NYSE and on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM (“AIM”) under the same ticker, BUR.

To enable trading on both the NYSE and AIM, certain mechanical and administrative matters will need to occur.  In particular, all shareholders will need to elect whether they wish future trading of their Burford shares to settle through CREST or DTC.  For those shareholders whose shares are presently held through CREST, Burford or its registrar will shortly post a notification containing more detailed instructions about the steps needed to be taken by the respective brokers and a separate bulletin will be sent via CREST; for those few shareholders holding directly in certificated form, please be on the lookout for a letter from Burford or the transfer agent containing instructions.  These documents will also be available on the Shareholders section of the Burford website when they become available later this week or next week; Burford will issue a further RNS announcement when they have been posted. 

 Shareholders should read the notifications carefully in full and any elections made by existing shareholders or their brokers should be made on the basis of the notifications and instructions received.  If shareholders are in any doubt about their broker’s authority to provide the necessary approvals for these administrative matters, they should please contact their broker to ensure the approvals are given. 

For the information of investors, SEC filings by and about Burford can be found here and also, once Burford’s US listing commences, on Burford’s website at www.burfordcapital.com/shareholders.

This communication shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any ordinary shares or other securities of Burford.

For further information, please contact:

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