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Quantifying risk: Unlocking the value of pending antitrust claims

  • Antitrust & competition
September 15, 2020


Complete the form or click the link to the right to see a webcast recording, in which Burford's Kelly Daley and Boies Schiller Partner Scott Gant discuss how to identify and optimize the value of antitrust claims.

Pending antitrust claims represent significant potential corporate value, but unlocking that value benefits from a systematic quantitative, as well as strategic legal process.

In this hour-long webcast, Burford Managing Director Kelly Daley and Boies Schiller Partner, Scott Gant, discuss how to identify high-value antitrust claims and optimize claim value.

Watch the webcast to learn:

  • The key high value claim areas for antitrust litigation throughout various industry sectors

  • The meaningful differences between class and opt out actions

  • How Burford models damages, while helping litigants and their legal counsel create a quantitative plan

  • The various financing structures offered to litigants with high value claims


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